A Dance Without A Name is an evening length interactive theatrical solo dance presented in the round.
The dance piece resurrects and centers the ancient healing symbol of Ouroboros through personal story telling including dance (contemporary and Middle Eastern dance), song (cabaret style, sung live by Nejla) live finger cymbal/zill play, multiple languages  9English, German, Turkish and ASL) as well as inviting the audience to sing and dance along.

From the moment the audience enters the space which is set up like a nomadic tent, they are greeted with rosewater and Turkish delights and taken through a journey to feel the life-affirming power of the ancient ritual of a gathering circle to dance, sing and tell stories. The solo dance takes the audience on a journey of memory, place, our current paradoxes and the cyclical and entrapping nature of time and culture.

The piece is also about the lost history and continued relevance of embodying nature in the form of the snake dance, about embodied feminine wisdoms past and present, and about our relationship to dance and language. At the end of the evening the audience is invited to join in a dance “after party”.

Supporters: Links Hall Co-Commissioning Fellowship, Sybil Shearer Fellowship Award from the Morrison Shearer Foundation, Finalist Grant from the National Dance Project, DCASE Esteemed Artist Award.