A Dance for a Time Being will explore the aging body and place; revealing the traces we leave behind in the spaces in which we move. I will collaborate with six dancers who are over the age of 60 and residents of six different neighborhoods in Chicago to celebrate not just aging but the breadth of diversity within our city. These artists represent Black, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and Indigenous identities. They will dance at sites—either indoor or outdoor—that are meaningful to them in their communities. Their solo dances will be developed in public view at the selected sites and documented as short dance-videos that will be accessible via QR codes in the respective locations, becoming a permanent part of Chicago’s public art landscape. Along with my longtime video collaborator, Enki Andrews, we will capture and edit these 5 to 10 minute pieces using video and augmented reality (AR) technology. Finally, the AR tools also will be used to make the dances interactive to users through phone apps.
The portraits will be housed on the Chicago History Dance Pages

Look out for announcements in 2022 of the developments.