A Dance Without A Name by Nejla Yatkin is an interactive theatrical solo dance drawing on nature, femininity and ancient symbol of the Ouroboros. Through story telling, song and dance, soloist Nejla Yatkin invites the audience into a participatory investigation of current paradoxes, and the cyclical and entrapping nature of time. The theatrical dance piece is also about Yatkins own relationship to dance and language of embodying and moving in multiple cultures.

Collaborators include costume designer Katrin Schabl and Video artist Enki Andrews.
Videographer and interactive artist Enki Andrews will design projected video elements that allude to the spirit of the piece. Katrine Schnabl will design costumes 
Katie Svehla will design the headpiece
Music by Armand Amar

First showing: June 16th and 18th at 7PM at Linkshall
(3111 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60618)
Tickets: TBA