Ahmaud Culver

Project Artist:

Ahmaud Culver

Ahmaud Culver (Dancer/ Rehearsal Assistant)

Ahmaud Culver was born in California where he attend California Institute of the Art for his BFA in dance. Since leaving CalArts, Mr. Culver has worked with Pasadena Dance Theater, Helios Dance Theater, Rock School of Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, and  Maple Conservatory to name a few. Mr. Culver was the principle dance

for the Glory of Christmas at The Crystal Cathedral, located at Garden Grove, California. This is Mr. Culver's third year working with Ms. Yatkin. Since joining NY2dance  directed by Ms. Yatkin, Ahmaud Culver has toured to Russia, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, various States in the U.S as well as Berlin, where some of the piece was constructed. Mr. Culver is currently living in New York City where opportunity to succeed is great

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