A Dance For A Time Being  
features 3 individual movement artists over 60 years old, in an AR (augmented reality) experience.
Dancers bodies accumulate insight and knowledge throughout years of training and life experience. This project asks us to reflect on the body as a Time Being, ever changing and growing, filled with embodied wisdom.
Some 30,000 years ago human beings first sketched out their own images in cave walls. What will the portraits of the future look like? How do we celebrate the everchanging human form and its expressive nature, and how can technology help us to experience and appreciate it in new ways?

Featured Artist: Kevin Iega Jeff, Hema Rajagopalan, Bryan Saner

A Dance For A Time Being
Concept and Direction by Nejla Yatkin
Filmed by Enki Andrews
Edited by Enki Andrews and Nejla Yatkin
Augmented Reality and App Developer – Eugene Ovcharenko and team at intenvix
Music by Sathapat Sangsuwan

Please download app for free here

This project was made possible in part by 3Arts Project fundraiser, The Harris Theater and DCASE Esteemed Artist Award.