Mata Hari Reviews

Monday, November 30th, -0001
De/Reconstructing Mata Hari

"A landscape of shifting silk for a Mata Hari" - New York Times

"Mata Hari by Twits and Turns" - The Washington Post

"Mata Hari Vuelve La Vida con Nejla Yatkin" - El Nuevo Herald

De/Reconstructing Mata Hari, Una Propuesta Magica"  - El Nuevo Herald

"Unveiling Mata Hari, Yatkin's spy liberated from life's strictures" -Washington Times

"Yatkin’s impeccable execution and her inventive choreography transform the myth of Mata Hari into a creature who was victim of circumstances..." -- El Heraldo Nuevo

"Mata Hari's life.made Yatkin question herself so that the new (De/Re)constructing Mata Hari became a dual portrait of the two women with Yatkin playing both roles. " -- Dance Magazine

"Nejla Yatkin is a powerful, arresting figure onstage, a leading dancer on the local scene who performs increasingly all over the world." --The Washington Times

"Before a full house Sunday at Dance Place, Nejla Y. Yatkin's show was innovative in both form and content." --The Washington Post

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