What Dreams May Come
in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Details TBA

This new evening length multi media solo dance explores the intersection and connection between the personal and the public and between how we perceive ourselves versus how we are perceived. The piece is set to music of Turkish composers Ahmet Saygun, and Kamran Ince and video installation by Enki Andrews. In this new solo Nejla Yatkin is experimenting with incorporating real-time and prerecorded video and projection body mapping that will respond to the body on stage to create a narrative exploring the spaces between oppression, freedom, identity and anonymity through movement.

"Ms. Yatkin is a magician, telling tales and creating worlds with understated images. She is behind more than choreography". - New York Times

The solo was made possible in part through support from the Turkish Cultural Foundation (www.TCF.org) in Washington, D.C., The Between the Seas Festival in New York, Old Town School of Folk Music residency in Chicago, 3Arts (www.3Arts.org). What Dreams May Come was developed in part during a residency at the Baryshnikov Art Center, New York, NY and awarded through the Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works in Progress residency program.

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