Solstice Dance Workshop with Nejla Yatkin: Exploring Nature's Rhythms
Join renowned dancer and choreographer Nejla Yatkin for an invigorating two-hour workshop celebrating the Summer Solstice at Yogaview in Chicago. Drawing inspiration from nature's rhythms and the power of the sun, Nejla will guide participants through a dynamic exploration of movement and connection.

Date: June 20th, 2024 (Summer Solstice)
Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location: Yogaview Chicago

Registration: $30, the day of $35

Experience the magic of the Summer Solstice with Nejla Yatkin in this special dance workshop. Through a series of expressive exercises and guided improvisations, participants will delve into the essence of nature's patterns and the transformative energy of the sun.

Nature's Pulse: Explore the organic flow and patterns found in nature through movement exercises inspired by the elements and patterns found in nature. Discover how the earth, wind, water, and fire inform our dance, connecting us to the world around us.
Solar Empowerment: Harness the energy of the sun as a source of strength and vitality. Through dynamic choreography and rhythmic sequences, embody the radiance and power of the sun within your movements.
Community Celebration: Come together in a joyful celebration of dance and connection. Share the collective energy of the solstice with fellow participants as we move, groove, and celebrate the longest day of the year.

What to Bring:
Comfortable clothing suitable for movement
Water bottle for hydration
Open heart and willingness to explore

Who Can Attend:
All levels of experience are welcome! Whether you're a seasoned dancer or new to the art form, Nejla's workshop offers a welcoming space for exploration and self-expression.
Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today! Contact Yogaview to secure your place in this transformative solstice celebration.

Let's Dance into the Light of the Solstice!
Join Nejla Yatkin as we dance our way into the summer season, embracing the vibrant energy of the sun and the rhythms of nature. Come ready to move, connect, and experience the magic of the solstice in this unforgettable workshop.


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