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To celebrate International Day Of Dance on April 29th the award winning short documentary Dancing Around The World will be available for anyone to view it for free starting on April 29th at 12 am CDT for three days until May 1st on Youtube here

Dancing Around The World (DAW) is a 20 min short style documentary about why and how people from around the world move and dance. From April 2015 through April 2016, videographer Enki Andrews and choreographer Nejla Yatkin collaborated with local community leaders to bring dance to the people. Throughout the journey, choreographer Nejla Yatkin taught local dancers a movement process to create site-specific performances within a public space of a city. 

“DAW” documents the journey through Colombia, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Honduras, Finland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, France, Tunis, Kenya, Madagascar, India, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and Australia. 

The film includes poetically interwoven interviews with studio practices, responses of participants, dance rehearsals, public performances, and other footage capturing the unique environments and cityscapes of 20 countries. 
Nejla Yatkin (Director/Choreographer) 
Enki Andrews (Director/Editor)
Robert Novak: Sound composer

Nejla Yatkin:
Award-winning and critically acclaimed choreographer and dancer, Nejla Yatkin, is a recent Drama Desk Award Nominee and 2019 Chicago Dancemakers Lab Award. Nejla hails from Germany, bringing a luminous, transcultural perspective to her creations. Her focus is regularly drawn to the role that memory and history serve in constructing identity, causing and resolving conflict, and transforming cultural tensions into deep, authentic revelations of human connection. A recipient of the 2008 Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship Award, Nejla was subsequently awarded a 2009 Special Project grant as well a 2015 Princess Grace Works in Process Award as Artist-in-Residence at the Baryshnikov Art Center. For more info visit

Enki Andrews: 
Enki is a Chicago-based multimedia, interactive artist experimenting with physical phenomena to discover how humanity views itself in light of our finite human perceptions and how expanding those reflections enhances our self-awareness. Initially inspired by “technology” artists such as Eadweard Muybridge, Alfred Stieglitz, Chuck Close, and United Visual Artists, Enki began working as a photographer in 2000. His arts pieces have been exhibited at New York Figment, Nuit Blanche New York and at Monitor Digital Festival. His photography has appeared in the Huffington Post and the Washington City Paper. The film, Dancing Around the World, created with collaborator Nejla Yatkin, was awarded the 2018 Silver Palm Award for Documentary Short Film by the Mexico International Film Festival. For more info visit

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