Exploring Sound and Movement with Firebird:
In this workshop, participants will explore the beauty and complexity of bird sounds and learn how to use found objects and their own bodies to create their own unique soundscape. Participants will learn new movement vocabulary inspired by the rhythms and patterns of bird sounds, and develop choreography that integrates their own soundscape into the dance. We will begin with a guided warm-up, focusing on breath, alignment, and grounding. The warm-up will incorporate Firebird-inspired movements and gestures, such as flapping wings pecking beaks and flocking. In addition participants will explore different sounds and vocalizations inspired by the Firebird. The instructor will guide participants in using their own bodies and found objects as percussive instruments to create dynamic and expressive sounds. The instructor will provide prompts and imagery to inspire sound-making, such as "the trill of a bird's song" or "the flutter of wings.” Using found objects and their own bodies, participants will work individually or in small groups to create their own soundscape. Each participants can bring their own found objects to make sounds. At the end of class using the sounds and instruments as well as movements explored in the previous sections, participants will be encouraged to create their own soundscape choreography that they can bring to the Firebird Parade on July  8th at 5PM
Firebird Sound and Movement Workshop
Big Marsh (11555 S. Stony Island Ave. Chicago, IL 60617)
June 28th at 5:30PM to 7PM
Instructors: Nejla Yatkin 

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