January 16th - 31st, 2016 Kochi, Japan

Dancing Around The World - Kochi

Workshop Intensive with Nejla Yatkin What moves Kochi, Japan?

Join Nejla Yatkin to explore the interaction of people, movement and the environment through dance and movement. Join us to learn to move and play through space and time.

In this workshop we will explore what moves people and how people in Hyderabad move. After an intensive contemporary warm-up phase we will create awareness through guided improvisation exercises to experience individual movement qualities, sensations, and dynamics as well as to create an understanding of how you relate with other bodies in space and time. Additionally we will create phrases to share with each other.

Class structure: Nejla YatkinAAA™s contemporary/modern dance class begins with a thorough warm-up focused on strengthening, lengthening, and preparing the body for an investigation of movement possibilities. With a weighted approach, we explore exercises that redirect momentum in and out of the floor and up into the air. This cultivates a sense of ease that allows for an alert dancer, conscious of the body's architecture in off-balance, explosive and suspended three-dimensional situations. We also tackle improvisational problems often using partnered work in dialogue with set phrase work to encourage spatially aware intuitive choice making. At the base of this class is a joy of movement captured in a final dance that is a complex play of full-bodied potential through space.

Local Partners:
Museum of Contemporary Art and The American Embassy
Locations: Museum of Art - Kochi City

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