Contemporary Movement Exploration
Join choreographer Nejla Yatkin for a gentle Contemporary Movement Exploration on the South Pavilion at Southpond Nature Boardwalk in person. We will do a 30 minute warm up and a 20 minute movement exploration in/with Nature walking and tuning into our senses of smell, touch, sound and sight. To participate, sign up via email Weekly classes will start Tuesday May 4th at 9 AM at the south Pavillion Nature Boardwalk in the Southpond at Lincoln Park. It's limited to 15 people. Wear flexible sneakers, like dance sneakers and some flexible clothing and a mask.
Fee: donations accepted

5/4/2021 at 9AM-10AM
5/11/2021 at 9AM-10AM
5/18/2021 at 9AM-10AM
5/25/2021 at 9AM-10AM
6/1/2021 at 9AM-10AM
6/8/2021 at 9AM-10AM
6/15/2021 at 9AM-10AM
6/22/2021 at 9AM-10AM
6/29/2021 at 9AM-10AM


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