First Ever Firebird Parade
July 8th at 5PM

Let's move into July by harnessing the power of the sun and calling in the transformational power of the Phoenix to dream a city with loving and caring communities. I invite you to join me as a community for our first ever Firebird Parade. Join me with colorful costumes, dresses, capes, feathers to walk together along the Lakeside at the Burnham Wild Life corridor on July 8th starting at 5PM. It's not a performance. I am not selling you anything. I'ts not a fundraiser. It's just fun to be together as a community of artists, friends and Chicagoans from different neighborhoods, to celebrate, give blessings to mother nature and to reflect on how we can transform on an individual level.

Join me on July 8th at 5PM for our first ever Firebird Parade to imagine new ways of sharing and being together on this beautiful planet of ours.

You know New York has a Mermaid Parade and I think it's time for Chicago to have a Firebird Parade.

"Let human culture be one of encouragement, optimism, innovation, engagement, wisdom and guardianship of the planet and each other for the benefit of all beings. Let this be now so that our future knows a deep connection to earth, this beautiful place of ours."

Caracol Gathering Space
is located in the Burnham Wildlife Corridor
South of McCormick Place Bird Sanctuary

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